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Why People Love Intermittent Fasting

Why You Should Intermittent Fast

1. It Forces People To Eat Less

People love to intermittent fast because it forces them to eat during a certain time period only. This makes the window of eating much smaller as opposed to the length of a whole day. (8 hours vs 24 hours). That being said, people most likely skip breakfast and instead start eating around lunchtime. This forces people to skip junk foods like donuts, bagels and pastries which in return decreases the caloric intake for the day.

Besides only having a shorter time period to eat, most people find that they eat less because  it leaves less time to consume due to the cycle of eating - digesting, eating - digesting. At most you can fit in 3 big meals or 6 small meals depending on how little you eat or how hungry you get.

2. It Burns More Fat

IF allows the body to use it's stored energy which results in burning fat. Since body fat is just food energy that has been stored away, it makes sense that by not eating for a prolonged time results in the body burning stored energy aka body fat.

Eat Food -> Increased Insulin -> Store Sugar in Liver Which Produces Fat in Liver

Burn Stored Sugar, Burn Fat <- Decreased Insulin <- No Food "Fasting"

3. It Has Many Benefits


Besides burning fat, intermittent fasting supports: lowered blood insulin and sugar levels, possible reversal of type 2 diabetes, increased energy, increase mental clarity, increase focus, increase concentration, activation of cellular cleansing and more. Not to mention you might live longer. Intermittent fasting allows the body to clean itself out more effectively without having to perform task like digesting foods. 

The fasting periods were sometimes called "cleanses", "detoxifications" or "purifications" however, the concept stays true. That not eating food for a certain time period results in an increase in the body's ability to self-clean.

3 Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent Fasting is a great way to achieve your fitness goals as well as some health goals. It forces us to get into a routine which can benefit our lives and our health. People love the idea of eating during a certain time period as it forces them to eat less, burns fat and promotes many health benefits as well.

Try it out and see what benefits you achieve.

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