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Apex Arm Blasters 2.0
Apex Arm Blasters 2.0
Apex Arm Blasters 2.0
Apex Arm Blasters 2.0
Apex Arm Blasters 2.0
Apex Arm Blasters 2.0

Apex Arm Blasters 2.0

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Take Your Workout To The Next Level

Build Bigger Arms

Shortcut To Arm Growth

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The Simple Proven Way To Get Big Arms Fast!

Struggling with arm size? Ready to explode your arm growth? The Apex Arm Blasters 2.0 is a revolutionary shortcut to arm size. Guaranteed to take your arm workouts to the next level and give you exciting new growth! 

"I absolutely love it, it has taken my arm workouts to the next level. The arm blasters make a huge difference during training and makes the arm workout ten times better."⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- Brandon S

How The Apex Arm Blasters 2.0 Will Help You With Your Training:

    Increase Muscle Size- No matter how big your arms are, the Arm Blasters can help create new exciting growth. Designed to isolate your arms, putting 100% muscular effort and contraction during arm workouts. *Isolates the biceps differently than preacher curls and is a different way to target the biceps or triceps.*

    Improve Form- Provides assistance to your form and eliminates swinging and flared elbows. Arm Blasters allow you to focus on the mental and muscle contraction without having to fight arm balance at the sides. Also helps reduce back pain or injuries caused by poor form. 

    Build A Nice Physique- Get equally proportionate arms. Training without an arm blaster might lead to disproportionate arm size.

    Anytime & Anywhere- Get a great arm workout at home or at the gym. Experience a crazy pump and arm workout in less time and with less weights.

    New & Improved- Our Apex Arm blaster 2.0 is made with a sturdier and more lightweight material to support you during heavy lifts. Includes softer padding for your arms and neck.

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      Q: How Does It Work? Is It Only For Biceps?

      The arm blasters work by isolating your biceps and triceps. You can use it for bicep curls (dumbbells' or barbell) or triceps extensions and reverse curl. 

      Q: Will It Fit Me? 

      The length is 24" and width is 3.5". It should fit you regardless of your size, however if you have any concerns please let us know at contact@apexlifters.com

      Q: What Is The Max Weight Before It Bends Back?

      It is very solid and light and has supported people even curling 145 lbs. It most likely will not be bent from elbow pressure alone.

      Q: Is there a return policy or guarantee?

      Yes. If you are not happy or satisfied simply return it for a full refund.




        If something is wrong with your order or you are not satisfied, simply contact our customer support team at contact@apexlifters.com. We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Try it Risk Free today!