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Apex BFR Training Bands
Apex BFR Training BandsApex BFR Training BandsApex BFR Training BandsApex BFR Training BandsApex BFR Training BandsApex BFR Training Bands


This game-changing enhancement technique will allow you to build more muscle while using lighter loads. One of the safest and most efficient way to build muscle. Spare your joints from the heavy loads. 
  • Insane muscle growth- Allows you to lift less and gain more muscle. With these bands you will build the same amount of muscle lifting 30% of your 1 Rep max, as lifting 80% of your 1 rep max.¬†
  • Used by Pros- Utilized by almost all competitive bodybuilders and power lifters for strength training and conditioning. Start utilizing their secret weapon today.
  • Secret to Occlusion Training- Keeps the blood to the working muscle which shocks the muscle into new growth. Also increases Mtor and Myostatin levels allowing your body to be more¬†susceptible to muscle growth.¬†
  • Safe to use-¬†Restricts the veins, but not the arteries. Goal is to allow blood to enter the muscle and not escape. Safe and convenient for the user.¬†¬†
Simple to use: 

Wrap the bands around your arm and adjust the tightness to around 5/10 . 10 being the most tight. Shouldn't feel any numbness or tingling when equipped. Start a little looser then begin working on a comfortable tightness. 

Product Specifications:
  • Use: For¬†arms only
  • sold in a pair
  • Made of¬†high quality¬†latex elastic band
  • Length: approx 23.62"
  • Width: approx 2"


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