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About Us

Meet the Apex Lifters

Our names are Gerald and Russel. We are twins and were born underweight. Both of us weighed below 3.5 lbs at birth, which meant we were tiny. We were classified as Ectomorphs.

Growing up we struggled with gaining weight, muscle and had little to no fat. We hovered around 7% body fat at 5'11". Being a skinny and small child, we were made fun of and laughed at.

We began working out with the sole intent of becoming respected. We were tired of being ridiculed and called skinny. It was dehumanizing. We became obsessed with weight lifting and spent hours everyday researching ways to maximize muscle growth.

We wanted to grow big and fast. We found some great workout gears, some invented by old school bodybuilders and some created for the sole purpose of giving you big arms. We fell in love with the sport.

It wasn't until we began to put significant muscle, that people began to treat us with respect. We were around 170 lbs and had built a decent amount of muscle. We had big powerful arms and a prominent chest. People started to pay attention to us and we never heard the phrase " You're so skinny" anymore. 

We know there are many who are like us, skinny and struggling to build muscle, or those who just want shortcuts to building muscle. The products we sell are ones that have played a huge role in our development and progression. Especially the arm blasters. This equipment has helped us achieve our dream of one day having big arms. We were always insecure about our twig like arms, but the arm blasters have worked amazingly at building arm size. 

We create this community of Apexlifters who were able to achieve their goals and reached extraordinary heights in their physiques, lifts, and fitness goals. Some of us may have been made fun of or laughed at for being small, but now we have become Apexlifters. 

Apexlifters are confident, respected, and powerful. They have crushed their goals and are looked up to. These workout gear are meant to help you along your journey. They will help you achieve your fitness goals.