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Apex BFR Training Bands
Apex BFR Training Bands
Apex BFR Training Bands
Apex BFR Training Bands
Apex BFR Training Bands
Apex BFR Training Bands
Apex BFR Training Bands
Apex BFR Training Bands

Apex BFR Training Bands

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Buy 1 Pair Arms, Get 1 Pair Legs FREE

Build More Muscle By Lifting Less Weights

Easier And Quicker To Build Muscle

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The Easy-Quick Way to Build Big Arms and Legs Fast! ( At home or in the gym) 

Big arms command attention and respect. Women are more attracted to men with big arms and dudes respect those who have them. Along with big arms you need big powerful legs to complete your physique. These BFR Training Bands will help you grow your arms and legs quicker: achieving a physique that will turn heads. Don’t wait! Get the attention and respect you deserve!  

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) is a simple way to help you achieve your dream body. 200+ studies prove that BFR Training is safe, effective, and can decrease the time it takes to build muscle and strength! 

Shortcut To Muscle Growth: Blood Flow Restriction over stimulates the brain: resulting in a 170% increase in muscle producing hormones (IGF-1, MTORC1, & Myostatin). BFR Training increases the targeted and surrounding muscles, creating explosive growth! 

Train Smarter, Not Harder: Constant heavy lifting can be dangerous and stressful for the body. Lighter weights combined with BFR Training Bands can achieve the same results. 30%( of your 1 rep max) with BFR Bands = Lifting 80% (of your 1 rep max). Build more muscle with less effort!

Look & Feel Bigger: BFR Training Bands help your muscles swell up and retain more blood: causing them to appear larger and fuller. Achieve a pump that is likely impossible to replicate without the Apex BFR Training bands. 

Safe & Effective Results: Our wide cuffs safely restrict venous blood outflow, but allows arterial blood inflow. BFR training is proven to be safe and is used in the military, for physical therapy and in sports. Can be used to train both arms and legs! * If you have a vascular disorder please see a doctor first to see if it is right for you.* 

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Hundreds of studies have shown the effectiveness of Blood Flow Restriction Training. If after 30 Days, you are not seeing the results you expected or you are not satisfied- simply return the bands for a no-hassle refund.

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